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At Atabey Marine Engineering, we are here to make our customers' work in the maritime sector
safer and easier.

Mustafa Çağdaş


We work with the best brands

We work with the best brands

Solutions for Maritime Industry

With our customer-focused approach, we make a difference in the maritime industry with our customized services.

  • Project Design and Engineering: We offer customized project design and engineering services for the maritime sector.
  • Electrical Panel Manufacturing: We manufacture electrical panels for marine vessels, providing a functional and safe solution with high quality standards..
  • System Repair and Maintenance: We perform repair, maintenance, and troubleshooting of systems in marine vessels, ensuring safe and efficient operation.
  • Cable (MEGER) Insulation Testing: We conduct insulation testing of cables (MEGER) used in the maritime sector, offering a safe and high-performance solution.
  • Harmonic Testing and Reporting: We conduct harmonic distortion testing of marine vessels and provide reporting and analysis services<.li>
  • Electrical Motor Disassembly, Repair, and Connection: We disassemble, repair, and connect electrical motors used in the maritime sector, providing a safe and high-performance solution